Frequently Asked questions

Most common questions answers are below.

What ages does iGen accept at its center?

We accept students in PreK3 through 6th. All students must be potty trained.

What’s a typical schedule for Out of School camps?

Students will arrive from 8-9am. Students will complete three activities – robots, coding, Makerspace, STEM team building, or science experiments throughout the day. Students will also have an hour and a half to eat lunch and have recess at a local park.

My child has no experience with robots or coding? Do you think I should enroll him?

Majority of students come to iGen with no experience in robots or coding. We introduce coding concepts through physical activities and technology. Once students are coding using our physical coding blocks or software, they’ll use block coding and gradually work their way through.

What's iGen FEIN?

Our EIN is 83-151-0810.

What are ways we can bring iGen to our school?

iGen can plan and operate STEM night, bring extra curricular STEM programs, aftercare programs and host Outof School Camps at your organization.

Can I be reimbursed for childcare?

Typically families are reimbursed.

Does iGen accept vouchers?

No, not at this time.

What should my child bring?

Children in PreK and Kindergarten should bring an extra change of clothes (socks, shirt, undies, bottoms) and a nap mat. All students will need to bring a water bottle and nut free lunch.

Can I register for a program the day of?

You can register for drop in aftercare the day of. All other registrations will close the day before.

I was sent an invoice. How soon must I pay it?

Invoice payments are due within 24 hours. After 24 hours, your spot will no longer be held.

Can I stop by to check out the space?

Yes, please email or text us to schedule a tour.