Meet our CEO

After attending one of the most competitive high schools in the nation, excelling in mathematics and science, LaKeyia graduated with no ideal of what she wanted to major in.  Her teachers and family pushed her to become a doctor; she had no desire.  She remembers reading about professions that used a lot of math and science and it seemed as if she could only become some sort of doctor or teacher.  She chose teaching.  She went on to major in Middle Childhood Education with a concentration in math and science at Central State University.  While in undergraduate, she conducted research with NASA through the Ohio Space Grant Consortium, creating inquiry based learning projects for students. This was her “ah-ha” moment.  It was here where she learned to bring science and math to life.  LaKeyia finally realized, it wasn’t a matter of learning the content; but applying it and making  learning meaningful, transferable and engaging. She promised herself once she became a teacher, every lesson would be hands-on learning; unfortunately, she had a curriculum to follow.   

Now, after six years of successful teaching, she  decided to do what she love: facilitate learning!  Let’s face it, 21st Century learners don’t receive information how the vast majority did 30-40 years ago.  Learners now, need someone to stimulate their interest while they become the mastermind of their own learning.  A teacher can’t tell someone how to build and be innovative; however, a facilitator can definitely help the student through their own process.  So while embarking on this journey, she can follow my passion, expose the youth to STEM and provide those interested in STEM the opportunity to  solve challenges, be innovative and learn programming languages and other in demand technology skills to prepare them for a 21st century career in a  demanding field.