About iGen

iGen Educational Academy was created for iGeners, a term referring to those born during the iGeneration, a subgroup of the later years of Generation Z. Students born during the iGeneration are actively engaged with technology in its development, progression, and its relevance in the workplace.  According to Upfront Analytics, “75% of teens want to convert their hobby into full time jobs.  iGeners are becoming tech-dependent as they were born into a digital world. iGeners send over 3000 texts a month and watch twice as many videos than any other demographic.”

iGen Educational Academy is dedicated to bridging the ethnic and gender gaps found within the fields of math, science, and technology.  There are currently many initiatives aiming to increase the roles of women and minorities in STEM-related fields. STEM education helps to break “traditional” gender roles. In order to succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, it is critical for students to develop their capabilities in STEM to heightened levels, above and beyond what was considered acceptable.

iGeners will love iGen Educational Academy, because 100% of our course integrates technology — the one thing they all enjoy.  Students will have the chance to discover the endless opportunities technology offers in STEM.  More importantly, they will be innovative. Innovation leads to new products and processes that sustain our economy. In order to compete in a global economy, STEM education and careers must be a national priority. Each and every decision we make uses an aspect of STEM to understand the implications