“This is the entertainment industry, so game designers have to have a creative mind and also have to be able to stand up against the marketing people at their company – otherwise they cannot be creative. There are not that many people who fit that description.”

— Shigeru Miyamoto


In this pathway, iGener’s will create their very own video game using drag-and drop or GML game maker language. It is a hands-on course where iGeners will start to learn the fundamental game design principles such as sprite-images, effects, animations; object – logic and interactivity and rooms screens and levels. With this pathway, iGeners will learn the fundamentals in designing games using the same tools developers use in the video game industry, and AT THE END, STUDENTS WILL CREATE AND PUBLISH THEIR VERY OWN  FUNCTIONAL VIDEO GAME!

iGeners will learn how to…

How to:

  • Create variables and if-else statements
  • Program using arithmetic operators
  • Design and animate sprites
  • Experiment and explore, thus helping improve creativity and confidence
  • Create games with computer or mobile controls
  • Use conditional statements and events
  • Create characters and design game menus and interfaces
  • Explore essential game design principles
  • Build levels and environments from meshes and geometry
  • Create and implement custom textures
  • Use blueprints visual scripting to move objects
  • Develop essential game design skills and creativity