Learning Pods 4

 “ we This is what policy and decision makers should pour their focus and energy into: How to create fair and equitable learning and support during the times of online schooling and pandemic education.”

— Dori Wolfson, Ed.M

What’s a Learning Pod?

A learning pod is a system in which parents form cohorts to take on a small number of kids and guide them through virtual instruction. Parents are encouraged to form their own pod by selecting students around the same age and grade who want to study and learn together.

Is it worth it?…


  • You pick your pod – Invite friends, classmates or families to join
  • We match you – We’ll select the best-fit educator for your learning pod
  • No stress for families
  • Academic support from certified teachers
  • Parents are free to focus on their jobs
  • Kids are able to socialize and study alongside other kids
  • Cheaper than academic coaching