Virtual Robotics Camp


    Students will learn to build and program robots using Lego Boost Creative Toolbox.  Students will learn the basic of coding, engineering and robotics in a fun and easy way. With Lego Boost, children learn about loops and variables, improve STEM and creative-problem solving skills and develop their imagination as they toggle between guided and open-ended play.

    While this is a virtual camp, we encourage students to work independently between classes.  Students can contact their instructor or post in our FB community for support, outside of class.

    Students can RENT our robot or purchase their own.

    Day: Saturdays

    Time: Live class 12:00 – 1:00 pm

    Age: 7-12 (please send us an email before registering, if you would like to register an older or younger child)

    Please complete and submit the Camp Registration Form below, prior to checking out.



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